I am no longer chronically undiagnosed. In fact, I have multiple diagnoses since my symptoms began over six years ago. I’m tired of writing about chronic illness. There are only so many posts one can write about how much it sucks to have a chronic illness. I’ve written them all. I want to write about something else now so I changed my blog title to reflect this.

The title “One Soul Speaking” came to me yesterday and I was excited to find that it had not yet been taken on WordPress. I intend to write about what chronic illness has revealed to me. I left my body and buried my soul years before I became ill. Throughout the illness I have had intermittent glimpses of my soul revealing itself. When this happens it brings me great joy.

The purpose of my new blog will be to support the writing of my book, a memoir. I’m writing this book for myself, so that I can tell my story, my truth, unfettered by the judgements that others have placed upon me. I’m not writing my book to make money, to be famous, to gain the acclaim of others, to lay claim on truth, or to legitimize my existence. I’m writing this book to give my soul a voice, a voice that was lost long ago.

This is the sound of one soul speaking.


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